back to article BOFH: OutBOFHd

"...and this is Simon and Steven. Simon, Steven, this is David, he's our new hardware technician," the new Boss says, entering Mission Control. "New hardware technician? What about our old one?" "I was under the impression we didn't have an old one." "That's right," the PFY says defensively. "Because we didn't need one." " …


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  1. Torbjørn

    Ooooh reeeeaallyyyyyyyyyh.....!??!!?

    Ok, I have been an avid reader of BOFH since 2000, I have digged up the early material from University before he started working for the man, and I can without irony and in complete and utter sincernes say I'm looking forward to the revenge...!

    But this HAS to me the mother of all revenges put togheter BOFH&PFY style.... They have been played before, but not this hard - someone has to make an example!

    BOFH rides again!

  2. Jamie Mitchell


    Does Lex Luthor defeat Superman? What about the Joker, does he overcome Batman? Will the Silver Surfer beat the Fantastic Four? Has civilisation failed this Friday morning casting us all back to barbarism?


    What is going on?

  3. Spider

    Ye canna change the laws of physics Jim.....

    This affront to the natural order cannot be tolerated. We need the BOFH&PFY to strike back and strike back hard.... for all those of us that have to put up with users, bosses, sales depts, HR and payroll for real..


    Kick em hard

    kick em low and when they're on the floor

    kick em some more

  4. Dan

    The Bastard has backup plans

    The BOFH can never be defeated because he always thinks a dozen steps ahead of everyone else.

    For example, everything valuable that was stolen was probably insured.. or at least will be as soon as he get to a keyboard.. for three or four times its real value or so.

    For all we know Dave and John are working with the BOFH for this very reason.

    Or the BOFH set the whole thing up simply to steal the PFY's plasma TV.

    The only thing we know for sure is a bastard always has a backup plan.

  5. Tyson Boellstorff

    Remember the old Jim Croce song?

    You don't tug on Superman's cape;

    You don't spit into the wind;

    You don't poke the mask of the ol' Lone Ranger,

    and you don't mess around with s/Jim/Slim/g

    This is gonna be good.

  6. Mitchell Jones

    Revenge is a dish best served rotting.

    Oh yes getting them in the lift and the halon is to good for them. They need to pay.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seriously people

    This is the Bastard Operator from Hell. I find your lack of faith disturbing. There will be retribution. The world will be set right, or at least massively in his favor anyway. I'm concerned about you though... Is your faith so weak that you must whine about it not being fair, about it not being possible, or can you not see the bigger plan. The BOFH will rise from this (and someone else most likely will wind up with the oscilliscope shoved up their nether regions). Relax.

  8. Chris Harden


    Yes...have faith, BOFH will get revenge...

    BUT we should group together and start a riot to show support! It can also be used as cover for the awesome revenge BOFH will deal out. A huge riot through London - IT Crowd style. Geeks everywhere must rise up!

  9. Phonecardfree

    Devious ...

    I personally (and will be hated for saying this) would love to see the New Guy join forces and become a regular character. I think it's better than all the transitory Bosses and could really add a new dimension to the series.

    He didn't technically do anything *wrong* by the Bastard standard. Why not acknowledge the man's strengths and then use them for bettering the BOFH's own interests?

    This serial has always rewarded those who were smart or who were devious. It discouraged those who were (a) too fortunate blindly, (b) too ignorant, or (c) too hard-headed, unadaptive.

    Punishing Dave would fly in the face of that, wouldn't it?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Missing the obvious

    There hasn't been time to nab the plasma screen yet. He's *at* the PFY's house right now.

    All Simon has to do is activate that trap he set years ago just in case he needed to murder the PFY in his sleep and everything is back to normal. As long as the PFY doesn't find out too many details of course.

  11. Sean Nevin

    It's happened before...

    When bosses and "co-workers" have secretly turned out to be bastards of a different sort. Sometimes even real bosses have been 'bastardized', usually by firsthand experience of what it means to actually *do* something or by direct exposure to the using masses...

    Then again, trying to out-bastard a bastard can be rather career limiting...

  12. Michael Motal

    No, no, no!

    This man would be a vital weapon! They must find a way to assimilate him! You don't throw away a tool such as this when it falls from the sky.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The BOFH will definitely take retaliate. We've seen him do it before and it is going to be interesting to see what plans he has under his sleeve this time around.

    That said, I'll be definitely looking forward towards the next installment of the series.

  14. Tom Burrows

    PFY no longer a PFY??

    I'm pretty certain the last couple of episodes are the only times we have ever heard the PFY get called Steven! Could it be that he is no longer the Pimpley Faced Youth we all know and love?

  15. Rosuav

    Next episode?

    There will assuredly be a "next episode". In it... who knows. Either the BOFH will have his revenge, or maybe the BOFH engineered it, or maybe even the PFY engineered it. Stay tuned until next week's exciting episode of Bastard Operator From Hell!!

  16. daniel

    outbastarding the bastard...

    no good deed goes unpunished.

    Both of them have left the company... no tape safe or halon release for them... Someone's bank account is going to be transferred to a bar tab, Customs and immigration is going to find 10 return trips to Kabul, and records of communication with Osama via the aforementionned recycled goods...

    2 people are going to get bastardized "pour l'example"...



  17. |333173|3|_||3

    Systems vs. Networks again

    Maybe Simon Travilga wants to have some fun with a war between systems and networks again. Remember, when the BOFH first worked for the PFYs uncle, he was only networks, and had to get control over systems. Again, when he and the PFY were headhunted, the same thing happened. Maybe he wants to have another battle between Systems and Networks in a month or two. That could give loads of fun with electrified CAT5, explosives, hacked doors, and so on, before Systems comes back under his control, which could last for a few months, on and off, without loosing such chaacters as the janitor and the security guard.

  18. Lee

    john & dave?

    anyone else read this?


  19. Morely Dotes

    Dave's not here.

    And chances are his corpse^W^W he won't be found.

  20. Christopher Maske

    Bofh will get some payback

    You all gott a remeber that a true bastard has access to all systems. A quick look in the ole HR database for some info on these two or over to the beancounter systems for consulting invoices. Track all that back and find the 2 buggers and exact sweet revenge.

  21. Marcin

    A massacre

    This revenge is going to b a MASSACRE! I can't wait!

    I'll have to paint my monitor red so my wife won't notice the blood :)

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