back to article Xoro HSD 7510 DVD player-equipped LCD TV

Portable TVs are hardly a new idea. Neither for that matter are portable DVD players. However, put the two together, add a host of other features and then you do have something that feels like it's breaking new ground. Xoro HSD 7510 LCD TV Right out of the box the Xoro feels like a robust and reliable machine, with its …


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  1. Bob Hannent


    It looks well thought out and fully featured.

    If it were just 30% cheaper I would have one, but I don't have kids and I don't travel enough to warrant one.


  2. Matt

    Most important playback feature missed

    It doesn't play DivX or XviD codecs, or its not listed as supported anywhere I could find on the manufacturers and re-sellers website. Without it, this is useless to most looking for a portable media player.

  3. Matt

    about the Xvid bit...

    might have spoken too soon, but a review on puts that it does have DivX/XviD support, but doesn't specify whether this is via the card reader, or DVD drive.

  4. Brennan Young

    Xvid support and...

    ...two other 'features' that ought to be mentioned in any review of a DVD player (portable, or otherwise):

    Is there a region-free hack?

    Is there a UOP override hack?

    DivX/Xvid is often indicated as 'MPEG-4', even though DivX is strictly speaking a 'bastard' MPEG-4.

    Otherwise, this looks like a nice unit.

  5. Matt

    region free

    also in the amazon review, it's mentioned as 'Multiregion' DVD. Also that getting the digital freeview to work when portable is nigh on impossible *surprise*

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