back to article Spitzer stargazers find hot, windy planets

NASA has moved into extra-solar planetary weather forecasting. Well, mapping, but one has to start somewhere. Researchers using the agency's Spitzer infrared space telescope have mapped the weather patterns of two extremely hot, distant planets. The May 9th edition of Nature carries a description of the winds on the surface of …


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  1. Brett Brennan

    Sounds like they found HELL

    Well, if a hot, dark planet is out there as "Spicy" is described, I'd say this is a good candidate for the proverbial HELL we've all been told we're going to.

    Now, if only they can find a cool, bright place with lots of harps...

  2. BossHog

    Windy & Spicy

    Sounds like a curry.

    Well done on some creative renaming - it really worked! :)

  3. Alastair Dodd

    SI Units please

    Centigrade or kelvin are much better to use - I find it hard to understand a scale that is related to the temperature of a horse's anus.

  4. Carrie

    It's NASA, not SI

    NASA did the research, hence the ridiculous units.

    They're not too good at converting between imperial and SI units... remember the mixup with the Mars satellite that put it in the planet?


  5. Ross Fleming Silver badge

    Dumbing down much?

    Thanks for clarifying that the light from Windy takes 60 years to reach us and that it's 60 light-years away. Could someone clarify for me how long it takes the light to get from Spicy at 279 light-years away?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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