back to article E Ink reprints electronic paper for all handheld gadgets

'Electronic paper' developer E Ink yesterday paved the way for bigger, brighter displays for almost any handheld gadget you can think of - all consuming a tiny fraction of the power today's LCDs do and all able to continue showing information even when the power is cut. E Ink Vizplex electronic ink panels The catch is that …


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  1. Mike Stephens

    A revolution , but when?

    The image doesn't do service to these displays which are actually high resolution/high contrast. The other key pluses are you only need power when the image changes and you don't need backlighting - so potentially very low power consumption. The downside is it still takes over half a second to change a pixel. I'd love to see a general purpose computer with this display. Presumably other people have judged it is not acceptable to users but the promise of something that runs off solar cells is very seductive.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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