back to article Man faces 10 years for fudging computer credentials

A former computer forensics expert hired to testify in court cases has pleaded guilty to federal perjury charges for falsifying his resume and lying in open court, presumably about his credentials. James Earl Edmiston pleaded guilty to two counts of perjury relating to testimony he gave in two separate criminal cases, both …


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  1. Jose Ramirez

    What's that encyclopedia's name again...?

    The one no one ever bothers to check for accuracy? ;-)

    "Authorities say they are unaware of any convictions that have been jeopardized as a result of Edmiston's actions."

    They will soon :P

  2. micheal

    And in the UK we have....

    Jim Bates, who, after exposing Operation Ore as a sham, is targetted by the Police for telling a little white lie, yet they told whoppers and get away with it

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