back to article Oregon boy in double spider ear blockage horror

A doctor in Oregon flushed out the aching lughole of a nine-year-old boy to find two spiders had set up home inside his ear canal. The Albany Democrat-Herald reports that one of the arachnids was still alive. Traumatised juvenile aural spider blockage victim Jesse Courtney said: "They were walking on my eardrum and I kept …


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  1. Ian Ferguson

    Could be useful

    At least they'd keep his ear canal tidy and free of flies and stray earwigs.

  2. Mark

    Why Am I Not Surpised....

    Something happens and the American womans first reaction is "BOMB IT!!!!"

    Is it any surprise that the US keeps getting itself into silly situations on foreign soil ?

  3. Matteo Cisilino

    nature calls nature

    can the child climb skyscrapers now ? .. it's insulting tell these news that make rumors only because we're living in the spiderman weeks :|

  4. Leon


    I had a fly in my ear once, it took 7 hours to die.

    Really werid as it was against the ear drum you could hear every muscle in it's body slowy give out.

    I was of course in the NHS hospital waiting room for over 7 hours.

    For years later I was expecting some maggots to crawl out of my ear.

  5. Will


    Ew, ugh, argh. Nasty. That's it, I'm moving to space.

  6. Alan Stepney

    wasp in ear

    This story reminds me of incident last year when I saw a motorcyclist

    writhing around on the pavement and his bike laying down. I thought they had a crash as one car had stopped and driver was standing over him but found out that a wasp had flown into his crash helmet and thence into his ear as was stinging him down deep in his ear.Painful !

  7. Chris Fellows


    Earachnophonia? ... ill get me coat

  8. Eddy Ito

    I assume...

    There are bug bombs in Blighty, no? You might call them pressurized aerosol insect killer dispenser or some such. I find it hard to believe that someone would actually stay in the building as they emptied can after can of bug spray in the air. On the other hand, you folks might just stab a can of bug spray with a screwdriver and toss it in before heading down to the pub.

  9. Steve Evans

    Insects and motorcycles

    Wasps inside crash helmets are no fun I can tell you... I caught one last year at about 30mph... It survived the initial impact with the helmet and sneaked inside, all I could see was the yellow and black annoyed thing about half inch away from my nose!

    I tried opening the visor and turning my head to get it blown out, but he was hanging on good.

    So I pulled over PDQ. It was only after pulling the crash helmet off and waving it about in the dance of nasty insect panic, that I spotted it was only a damn hornet!


  10. David Beck

    Two nations divided by a single language

    Perhaps for this audience (the version) you should annotate the American vernacular. When the lady says she wants to "bomb" the house, she is talking about a type of insecticide delivery system used to blanket rooms with the stuff.

    Search bomb and insecticide for a list of do's and don'ts, the stuff is nearly as lethal as the namesake.


  11. Rick Lesniak

    Bombs in context

    "Something happens and the American womans first reaction is 'BOMB IT!!!!'"

    Of course, the woman is referring to what we Americans call 'bug bomb', or insecticidal spray. We would never use actual bombs on our own homes, ha ha!

    I would, however, caution other nations to not allow their spiders to crawl into our ears. I hope the Canadians are listening...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its these little things....

    The vernacular differences and anglo-yank relations that make reading The Register so entertaining.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A bug bomb, not blow up the house

    The term "bomb the house" refers to a device that sprays insecticide into the air, filling the house...a bug bomb, fogger, etc. She was not going to blow up the house.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Intentional Mistake...

    The guy made the mistake intentionally... that is so obvious to me.

    Of course he knows what it means! How else is he going to rant his political views!

    : O P

    As an fellow Oregonoonian.... wow... been a while since that's happened last... rather surprised such a localized event would even show up here...

    : O )

    Glad the kid is ok!

  15. Graham Marsden

    Bomb... Boom...!

    > the woman is referring to what we Americans call 'bug bomb', or insecticidal spray. We would never use actual bombs on our own homes, ha ha!

    Unless of course, you use too much of the stuff and there's a naked flame or a spark... BOOM!

    See Mythbusters or Snopes for more details

  16. Kit Temple


    I had a mosquito fly into my ear drum, and it was very very loud and quite a shock to wake up to.

    Only took me a few seconds to work out the solution though, which was to rush to the bathroom and pour water into my ear (just need to turn your head on its side for the water to go in). Not sure how someone can sit in an NHS waiting room for 7 hours and not think to put a bit of water in there.

  17. War Monger

    Mr. Fellows, I believe the proper term is


  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: I hope the Canadians are listening...

    What, eh?

    But seriously, I'd like to personally thank the Reg and all of the kind folks who felt it necessary to post vividly descriptive experiences with bugs in their ears...

    This is going to wake me up screaming tonight and many nights to come... What's more, I'm pretty safe in concluding that I can kiss another 5 or 6 K away for therapy as I positively despise spiders...

    Beady eyed little bastards...

  19. 4.1.3_U1

    Surely ..


  20. Christopher Phillips

    RE: Intentional Mistake...

    Of course he didn't make the mistake intentionally... I've never heard of a bug bomb in my life before this day and I also happen to be of the readership

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    British manners? Yeah, right.

    You just had to turn an innocuous comment into yet another criticism of Americans, huh? Yes, we're all just a bunch of war mongering, gun happy idiots. Next time check your colloquialisms before you shoot your mouth off. And I don't mean you would actually use a firearm to shoot off your mouth. IT'S AN EXPRESSION! Wankers.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Bomb" has more than one meaning.

    The woman's comment about 'bombing' her house has nothing to do with destroying it with explosives. There is a means of insect extermination that involves setting off an aerosol can (or 'bomb') that releases pesticide as a fog. You set this thing, then leave the house for a few hours. The fog penetrates into places that cannot be reached by dusts or ordinary sprays.

    I would point out that Americans have no monopoly on stupidity. It is international, and rampant.

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