back to article RapidMind lets old dogs code for Cell and GPGPUs

Some people in the software industry say coders will fail miserably at writing multi-threaded applications capable of running on multi-core graphics processors, accelerators and x86 chips. RapidMind couldn't agree more with such cynicism. The start-up this week released Version 2.0 of its RapidMind Platform. This product lets …


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  1. classified

    What happen with OpneMP ?

    Why reinvent the wheel again ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Help for us dinosaurs...

    Since Amdahl wrote the book on this as recently as 1967, it is no wonder that we old pharts have not caught on to the tricks of multithreading yet. I must confess that I actually wrote a single-threaded program only ten years ago.

  3. Tuomo Stauffer

    Not again

    Isn't this multi threading getting a little old? And the comments to GA ( Gene Amdahl ), mainframes, etc. Sorry to tell but the multi tasking ( better than multi threading IMHO ) and multi threading are definitely nothing new. Yes, I know a lot of programmers didn't get any exposure because of the PC ( and other microprocessors ) but it is no excuse except for bad education. Maybe someone remembers what "TASK" and "ATTACH", etc did on AP/MP processors, how channel attached systems did work and I'm not even talking about separate, asynchronous memory and I/O processors which were standard issues since 70's ( and some even earlier ).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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