back to article Chaos in Sussex as 'bat monitor' mistaken for bomb

Twitchy coppers brought paralysis to the roads and evacuated villagers from their homes after a piece of bat-detecting equipment was mistaken for a deadly terrorist bomb. Presumably fearing that al-Qaeda had cunningly switched focus from central London to rural Sussex - perhaps in a bold attempt to lay Crawley under the heel of …


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  1. MattW

    Someone tell the bomb disposal boys.....

    .....that nasty terrorist types have concealed bombs in roadside speed camera housings.

    I quite like the idea of a 'disruptor' having a go at a gatso....

  2. Gilbert Wham

    Mmmmmm, Jihadi justice...

    I rather like the idea of Sussex under Jihadi rule. Liven the place up a bit.

  3. Alfonso

    How about 'not a bomb' sticker? :)

    You know, black sticker with yellow text reading:

    "Not a bomb"

    Mmm... That would work, wouldn't it.

  4. Dawson

    You may laugh ...

    But, sussex, and as you mentioned specifically Crawley, isn't so quaint and safe as you seemingly expect: "Five men have been convicted of plotting to bomb targets in London and Kent. One of those found guilty was Jawad Akbar, from Crawley." - BBC News.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Merely disrupted it?

    Weren't Kingon weapons called disruptors? Having watched Startrek, I think I'd prefer to be blown up. At least there's a chance I might survive.

  6. the Jim bloke

    it still could be a bomb

    Has anyone checked the Sussex Bat Group for links with Al-queda?

    I'm not a card-carrying conspiracy theorist (of course they are organised) but even I can see a couple of ways this could still be part of some dastardly plot, from de-sensitising people to packages under bridges, to using bats to spread bio-weapons, to simply disrupting infrastructure and making the authorities appear (more) incompetent.

    If they arent trying to get you, its through lack of imagination on their part. Whoever "they" might be.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A bat detector!

    A bat detector !

    Gazooks Batman!

    Don't tell the Joker

This topic is closed for new posts.