back to article Yahoo! puts! IM! online!

Yahoo! is offering its instant messaging service without the need to download and install a separate application. The change allows people working for companies which stop staff downloading and installing applications to use the service. It will also make the service usable for people in internet cafes that don't already have …


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  1. Mark


    Yahoo! Webmessenger! has! been! around! for! years!

    This is a new look version though...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    meebo anyone?

  3. Steve Mason

    move along

    nothing to see here

    been using similar services from icq and msn for years as well

  4. JP

    eBuddy anyone?

    And can I ask, why is the Chinese language messenger launched in the US? China not got a large enough population to warrant it's own version?

  5. Will

    old news...

    Yup, been done before. Third party by the likes of and first hand by Nothing to see here.

  6. steve lampros


    can we all stop the whining? sheesh, when i logged into yahoo im today i got a big splash screen trumpeting the new BETA version of the web chat.

    THAT's ALL! myOmy doesn't any 1 have anything better to do than to ACT like a bunch of computer geeks and taunt the news? Prepare to see it everywhere, if you work in an it environment. i'm HAPPY there was a story on it. not all of us spend every waking minute trying to dis something.

    will we ever grow up? i know i won't :-)

    have a flamey day!

  7. Randy

    Re: Crikey!

    To quote from the article "Mobile phones no longer used for calls":

    "A lot of this is down to the wider adoption of text messaging for communications - once the preserve of the youth, people of all ages are now learning to abuse the English language in pursuit of squeezing meaning into 160 characters."

    I am going to whine about people's abuse of our written language. Is it really so difficult to capitalize a word at the beginning each sentence? Does putting a number in the middle of a word really save any 1 any amount of time? Is it not easier to just spell words correctly, as we had originally learned to do in our formative years?

  8. Hrishikesh

    Flash! Yeesh ...

    While the "new look" yahoo mail is AJAX based, the web messenger is (woefully) Flash based. Which means it will not work unless you have enabled flash (and use an OS which properly supports flash).

    Meebo ( has been doing this, in AJAX, and across multiple IM systems (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Jabber/Google Talk) for at LEAST one (quite possibly more) year(s).

    Talk! about! missing! the! boat!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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