back to article Symantec revenue hop can't stop profit flop

Symantec closed fiscal 2007 with fourth quarter profit plummeting 49 per cent from the period a year earlier, but beating analyst expectations with a five per cent increase in revenue. The company posted net income of $60.9m in the quarter which ended in March, compared with $119m last year. Major increases in restructuring …


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  1. John Bayly


    I'm surprised their revenues have gone up, though I imagine it's more to do with exchange rates than demand for their software.

    Who in their right mind uses Symantec products? You constantly have to re-active the AV to download definitions, their firewall is shit, and I resent my boot time going up by 3-5 minutes the moment I install their AV suite.

    All they seem good at anymore is destroying the [decent] products of companies that they assimilate.

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