back to article MoD to publish secret UFO files

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) plans to release its classified files regarding UFO sightings to the public. According to an article in yesterday's Guardian, the MoD will publish its files dating back to 1967 "within weeks", following the French government's decision to do so in March. David Clarke, a lecturer in journalism …


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  1. Konstantinos

    The Truth is Out There

    Trust NoOne

  2. John Miles

    Isn't it amazing

    Isn't it amazing just how much credence some people will give the government's ability to cover up "UFOs" etc. – when all the evidence says the government ability in any thing points to a saying about not being able to organise a party in a brewery.

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  4. Tim Spence

    The first rule

    The first rule of the keepers of the secrets that we don't want nobody's peepers to peep club is - you do not talk about the keepers of the secrets that we don't want nobody's peepers to peep club.

  5. Graham Marsden

    The Truth is Out There...

    ... but Lies are in your head.

    - Terry Pratchett.

  6. Ross Fleming

    Waste of time

    Is it me or are the chances of genuine UFO "sightings" being slightly limited?

    Option 1) UFO's make it to Earth, and want to be seen. What are the chances they managed to get Bob (or whoever) at the MoD on the phone directly and no-one else? How did they know who to speak to? I'd be expecting a bit of a "take us to your leader" type scenario, or possibly a bi

    Option 2) UFO's make it to Earth and don't want to be seen. Well they've clearly nailed the inter-stellar space problem, but when they got here they accidentally leave a tail light on or something for people to spot? Silent engines, stealthy design, complete with headlights? Hmm...

    Option 3) They've been, no-one saw them and no-one knows

    Option 4) They haven't been and people got confused by a star, a plane, a reflection from their tinfoil hats.

    Maybe I'm not being creative enough...

  7. amanfromMars

    Add Creative Input2

    "As the Air Staff officer who handles such requests revealed last year, the level of public interest in UFOs is much more affected by the film industry than it is by anything that the MoD or (presumably) even the aliens may get up to."

    You'd have thought that with all that Military Intelligence being paid for from Public Funds, the spooks could come up with a Plan42Feed the film industry with Secret Intelligence Service Scripts chronicling their Seeding of Operations in FutureBuilding Covert Missions. And then the whole world will know that the films that they see are Real and show the Future being Intelligently Designed with Media and Communications Sharing the Vistas being Created.

    And it is so easy to respond should you wish to Add Creative Input2

  8. Mike Moyle

    Re: waste of time

    Option 5) Teenage Alien Joyriders From Outer Space" - They're here and they don't care who knows it - but they're too cool to talk to us.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    greetings erflinks

    cld war milt3 made up ufos. den wen we wnt 2 erf 4 da spin + day gt al pissd wit uz coz we wur koolr dan dem.

    cnt get gd ception at dis hite aniway

  10. kain preacher

    option 6

    bored space aliens deciding to mess with feble minded people.

    I bet to those space aliens Earth is one giant petting Zoo.

    WHy would aliens want to repeatly visit Earth ?? We are all to bussy findind new ways to kill our selfs.

  11. Aubry Thonon


    Peter Peeper peep a pack of peepered papers... Oh, I give up!

  12. Tom

    Do the math....

    The likelihood of a VALID conspiracy is proportional to the INVERSE of the number of people that are supposed to be involved. Good news if you have 1 or 2 people. REALLY bad news if you have thousands!

    Remember, the the answer to the question "Can you keep a secret?" is "Yes, Can you?".

  13. Herbys

    What baffles me

    In the seventies we used to get blurry and undefined pictures of UFOs from amateurs holding primitive cameras without automatic high speed focusing and adjusting, using low sensitivity film and without any sort of electronig asssistance.

    Today every amateur owns high tech digital cameras with automatic, high speed focusing, burst picture capabilities, high sensitivity CCDs, image stabilization and all the technology only the NASA had in the seventies and we still get.... blurry and undefined pictures of UFOs.

  14. Aubry Thonon

    Re: Do the math....

    I believe the joke is:

    <whisper> "Can you keep a secret?"


    "So can I." <walk away>

  15. Graham O'Brien

    Re: Do the math....

    Surely in this case the correct dialogue is:

    <whisper> "Can you keep a secret?"

    <whisper back> "I could answer that one but then I'd have to kill you"

  16. ben

    So the truth is out there...

    But what you going to do about it. Were watching them, they're watching us watching them, its all like one big lab experiment. They were probably watching the dinosaurs and look what happened to them.

    Hopefully if there really are visitors they'll do something practical for us one day. Like intervene when humankind crash and burn.

  17. JamesH

    Blurry and undefined...

    Perhaps all the pictues of UFO's are blurry and undefined, because the stealth technology used by said UFO's make them all, er, blurry and undefined???

  18. David S


    Maybe the pictures are blurry and undefined because the objects themselves are blurry and undefined. They could be perfectly pin-sharp reproductions of an object which looks fuzzy.

    'Cos their quantum drive leaves the hull in a somewhat "uncertain" state while it's engaged. Obviously.

  19. James

    You're all being tricked...

    Ok, we've had the highly intelligent aliens, the delinquent aliens, the downright irresponsible aliens, conspiracy people, military black projects, but no one has mentioned anything about demons playing tricks with your mind.

    to my mind, aliens are rubbish, they don't exist without some form of concrete proof and if you count blurry spacecraft images and attention-seekers' unbelieveable stories that other weak minded people find all too easy to want to believe despite the obvious failures of these so-called aliens' willingness to land themselves on the White House lawn and make it plainly obvious to all that they really do exist, then its not worth giving these stories any credence at all.

    Anyone worth their Holy Water knows that aliens don't exist and that God doesn't need to prove that he exists, hence the word "faith". Aliens don't have this stipulation in the main, they just don't have the strength of believeablility

    I´m sure some mindcontrolling alien made me say all that, but that's another theory...

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