back to article ITV plays catch-up

ITV might be the last major broadcaster to jump aboard the video-on-demand bandwagon, but it has done so with both feet. Although not yet launched, a rejigged promises a 30 day archive of programmes, live streaming of all ITV channels, user-generated content, and exclusive "made for broadband" commissions. It will also …


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  1. Rob

    Not that I watch all that much TV...

    ... but I'll be glad if someone can make one of these systems that works on something other than XP for a change

  2. Luca Spiller

    Online gaming...

    Will the players need to phone a premium rate number?

  3. Marc Kirkwood

    Advertising during programmes?

    Just curious as to whether ITV will cut the ads out of their recorded programmes, as 4oD did when I was watching The Human Footprint on a Virgin box. I was pleasantly surprised; however I wonder how long it will last...

  4. David Taylor

    ITV dusting off countdown?

    I'm sure Channel 4 will be interested to hear of ITV's plans to create an online Countdown game!

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