back to article Microsoft puts some iron into Ruby

Microsoft has released IronRuby, an implementation, an implementation of the fast-growing scripting language Ruby, on the .NET Framework. IronRuby follows Microsoft's implementation of Python, called IronPython, released last year on .NET. The languages run on .NET's Common Language Runtime (CLR) via Microsoft's new Dynamic …


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  1. Andy Davies

    ... but some languages are more equal than others

    so ms are offering 'open source' Python and Ruby on clr now and PHP soon - pity they steadfastly refuse to requests from the Foxpro community to make that language available either as open source or re-written for the clr.

    AndyD 8-)#

  2. Lindsay Gillies

    Can't find it on MS

    I can't find any recent reference to Iron Ruby either at MSDN or

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