back to article Scotty blasts off on final mission

James Doohan, the actor better known as Star Trek's Scotty, made it across the final frontier this Saturday when his ashes were launched into space aboard a 20 foot rocket. Doohan's cremated remains have been waiting for this trip since the actor passed away from Alzheimer's and pneumonia two years ago. Various technical …


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  1. Jan Buys

    Bit sad

    A bit sad for the guy that Nasa could not really put him into space. It looks like a failed maiden trip of the enterprise now.

  2. Trevor

    Opportunity for PR

    It would be a wonderfully PR exercise for China to provide a few grams of payload for notable ashes on their moon shot.

  3. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    But he won't remain in space?

    Oh wait, I get it .... "Captain! We don't have the power!!! We need more dilithium crystals!!!"

    I would've sent his ashes to the ISS at least. I hope there are true space-launching capsules (as in staying on space) by the time I die...

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