back to article Nintendo pledges to pour out more Wiis

Nintendo has admitted it hasn't punched out sufficient Wii games consoles to meet demand. But it pledged to pull its finger out and start producing more and "fix this abnormal lack of stock". So said Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in Japan today, after confessing the company had "not been able to properly foresee demand. " …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where to buy a Wii

    I got sick of waiting to get one from the high street, and bought one from Amazon... not in the UK, however - they apparently haven't had any since day one. But for some reason gets regular supplies. I placed my order on a Sunday and had it delivered four days later. Postage was only six euros, and even with shipping and currency conversion fees it came in a couple of pounds *less* than the UK price.

    Pass it on ;)

    Mark White

  2. skim

    Too bad, I can't read German

    It also seems like I need to create a new account in I guess I will wait until Nintendo fixes the supply to meet the demand. I sure waited over 4 months now, another 4 months shouldn't be a problem...

  3. Brendan Dodds

    Online stock locator

    The Wii is currently in stock at Game online.

    Useful stock locator:

    That also lets you compare different packages, which is nice.

    Mine's in the post...

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