back to article Thai insurgents move to keyless-entry bombs

Insurgents in southern Thailand have begun using keyless-entry systems from cars to trigger bomb explosions after authorities took to blocking mobile-phone signals. The Bangkok Post reports that Thai police found a Daihatsu RF key near a blast site in Yala on April 13. It is thought the bomber dropped it while fleeing the scene …


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  1. GettinSadda

    Simple Solution

    Surely they just need to program a mobile phone to set off the bomb after having no signal for 30 seconds or so - then when the jamming signal starts (or comes in range) the countdown starts also...

    But I wouldn't fancy being the one to turn it on unless I was really sure the signal was good!

  2. malle herbert


    In case anyone has forgotten, in the good old days the "bad guys" used a TIMER to set their bombs off...

    (And yes, there's one in allmost every modern mobile phone... but a simple kitchen timer would be a lot easier...)

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