back to article Who star to make beautiful music with girlfriend's dog

Guitar smashing English rocker and internet enthusiast Pete Townshend has said he might use sounds made by his girlfriend's dog to create digital music. "I as a composer would try to get something out of this dog that would give me the chance to turn the dog into music," he said. "I might listen to the way it breathes, I might …


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  1. Colin Jackson


    Thought this was an article about David Tennant.

  2. Karl Lattimer

    There is an easier way

    Catgut -

  3. Owen Cooper

    That girlfriends dog...

    As a long-standing Who fan I have to ask - does that girlfriends dog keep licking his nose and chewing up all those letters?

  4. James Summerson

    Townshend / Eno?

    Pete Townshend has been trying for years to get his "Lifehouse" ideas into reality, e.g. using Meher Baba's 'life statistics' to generate synth loops and now the 'Lifehouse Method' for generative music.

    Quite why he didn't ring up Brian Eno and get a copy of 'KOAN Pro' in 1996 or check out Lauri Gröhn's 'Synesthesia' which generates music from pictures, including ones of his dog(!), I don't know. It might have saved him some trouble.

  5. Hein Kruger

    Douglas Adams?

    "You can put data in and get a piece of music out. It's as simple as that."

    Sounds a lot like "Anthem" from "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency"

  6. JimC

    Woof woof

    Nothing very new about using the dog in the songs... Seamus, on Pink Floyd's "Meddle" was only one of many canine contributors.

  7. brb

    Back to the dogs again, Pete?

    As I recall, back in the day The Who released a number of truly peculiar singles, "Dogs," "Dogs (Part Two)," and so on. Maybe Townshend is hoping we've all forgotten those.

  8. Hywel Thomas

    Pet Sounds ?

    Steve Vai's beaten him to it. Kind of. With his cat rather than his girlfriend's dog. He sampled the sound of said moggie being relieved of some, err, tension, with aid of a thermometer (as instructed by his vet).

    It is on The Riddle, on Passion And Warfare. Apparently.

  9. Woody


    Anyone heard of a band called CANINUS

    all canine vocals and very metal :)

    google more info if dogs doing metal rocks your boat, they sure rocked mine.. with titles like:

    "bite the hand that breeds you" and "no dogs, no masters"

    soo good.. gonna bark along now :P

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I am reminded of Hatebeak, a death metal group with a parrot on lead vocals. The parrot doesn't sing, or talk, it just growls. I am listening to "Beak of Putrefaction" right now, and it is mighty.

  11. Ron Eve

    Dogs of war

    and all that to scratch a living....

  12. Alan Weinkrantz

    I am creating a blog documenting my using the Life House Method

    I am doing a blog about my using the Life House Method.

    The basics are there but not much else until the site goes live.

    Here is the URL:

  13. Uwe Dippel

    Hi, Ashley P.

    Are you sure that the parrot could howl ? - As far as I can guess, it would have been a dead parrot.

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