back to article TJX finds self at bottom of 300-bank pig pile

Associations representing almost 300 Northeastern banks in the US say they are suing TJX Companies to recover tens of millions of dollars in damages resulting from a data breach that may have exposed more than 45m credit and debit card numbers to thieves. Additional organizations from all over the country are likely to join the …


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  1. Tuomo Stauffer

    I must be tired..

    How do these happen? And probably the managers get promoted and the system people get fired ( not that they couldn't do better? ) Tired ?? because working with / on systems which are vulnerable a long time I can not understand ( period. ) I would love to hear the excuses ( there are none in cases like this IMHO ) But on the other hand - we live in real world where the business ( make big profits, save in costs ) dominates, it just bites back sometimes. Any ideas how to fix that ?

This topic is closed for new posts.