back to article North Carolina residents still want their $280m back from Dell

The fight over a $280m-plus incentive package to lure Dell into North Carolina has entered the state's second-highest court. Attorneys have asked the N.C. Court of Appeals to reinstate a lawsuit over the legality of a massive golden handshake proffered by the state to the computer manufacturer. Under the state constitution, …


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  1. Peter Romano


    This is absolutely LUDICROUS.

    EVERY BUSINESS needs to pay its share of taxes.

    Why do the RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY OWNERS always have to foot the TAX BILL of big business development ??

    You give the businesses 100% TAX FREE incentives and then an 80% tax rebate after that ?

    Who is going to pay for all the maintenance of the roads ?

    Who is going to pay for all the additinal utilities ?

    Who is going to pay for the additional Security and Fire Protection ?

    This is all going to fall into the hands of the RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY owners.

    You keep this up and the Real Estate Taxes in North Carolina,

    will rival those of California and New York within 10 years.

  2. Dan

    Government Business as Usual

    Pretty standard stuff really. I remember all the Customer Service departments in IBM being moved to Greenock in Scotland because of the tax breaks and other incentives that the UK Government was offering companies to move there so as to bring in more business in the area for cheaper costs.

    All that happened is that the move to cheaper Scotland ended up becoming a move to even cheaper India !!

    And its all legal if they can argue that it will bring business and jobs in to the area in a magnitude that equals or exceeds the tax breaks thrown in.

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