back to article IBM mainframe ties the knot with video game chip

Computer giant IBM is set to reveal a new project which will merge business mainframes with the microchip used in the latest Sony PlayStation. IBM and multiplayer online game firm Hoplon Infotainment have teamed up to integrate the Cell game console processor with Big Blue's mainframe computers, according to reports. The two …


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  1. Rich Bryant

    PLEASE stop referencing Suckat Life!

    Nobody either knows or cares about Second Life. A) it's crap b)it has less than 1/80 of the players of something like World or Warcraft (see concurrent online usage stats) and C) well, it's crap and uses vastly dishonest hype.

    You're only publicising it further and feeding the relentless hype-machine with these shameless stray puffs in unrelated pieces. Stop it.

  2. Cheevey

    I second above comment.

    No one outside of the recipients of Sony press releases is aware or cares about Second Life, barely anyone I know knows of it, even those who play online, none of my friends who work next door in Game EVER get customers asking of it.

    I worked in gaming retail for 15 years, recently changing industries, there's not been a single mention in non gaming contacts and those in gaming dont want to mention it.

    Who on earth is telling you it's all the rage?

  3. pondscum


    Ease up on 'Second life' guys. Remember it's only for people who don't have a first life. BTW, 'Sadville' is a much better name.

  4. Michael

    Can I use my PS3 wireless controller... update SYS1.PARMLIB? I want it reversed, so I can catch up on my weekend sysres staging and OEM maintenance between Call of Duty 3 missions or at halftime of Madden 08?

  5. David Farinic

    Easy guys

    Usually when i see that somebody gets angry about some technology it means for me its something about it which he doesn’t get ;)

    SecondLife is not a game, however gaming can be its sub-group. It is platform for creating and most importantly evolving 3d user interfaces/interaction its like interconnected OS.

    In my opinion Its not important if SL evolves in something bigger its just enough that it started something new... i look forward to summer there will mozilla team will be adding html on prim(3d surface) in SecondLife when immediately business application will be able to use SL in its bigger potential.

    Remember: you have your virtual life in your head, real life is different yet your virtual visualization of real life still helps you to survive.

  6. Rich Bryant

    Easy about what?

    @David Farinic

    The other reason people get angry about technology is if it's a Web 2.0-style hype bubble with zero intrinsic value which does nothing productive except keep perverts indoors.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    SL again

    As someone who has used Yahoo chat, Skype and dare I say it MSN... Until you can get voice in SL its not even worth thinking about. Text chat is dead... Its like going back 10 years into Yahoo's past when HTML text rooms used to scroll up the screen. So you can fly around and buy things... Big deal. People who use Second Life firstly need a primary life

  8. Mezkal

    Second Life deserves second look

    It's so easy to bash things these days. Anonimity allows for the smallest of intellects to act like the largest of egos. The majority of people who attack SL are basically just snobs who never got over the commercial failure of I was a beta tester for both and I can happily say that SL kicks the proverbial out of most online 3D virtual worlds - even those where people pay good money for monthly subscriptions. SL has lasting appeal primarily because it's a 3D world where anyone can create .. well.. anything and they do so on an almost hourly basis. Where it lacks in realtime voicechat (though this is acheivable via the use of external apps like Ventrillo and suchlike - this is what's done in many other online worlds including World of Whorecraft and City of Zeroes - yes I've played both too and loved/hated em for different reasons) SL makes up in spades in creativity. Sure, if you look for poseurs, freaks and wankers you'll find them in SL but if you actively look for interesting things and people you'll easily find them too.

    As for the comments that allude to SL people who lack of real life - I met my honey via SL and she's here with me now, actually she's in bed asleep - all semi naked and yummy, but she's real all the same....and we have a cat too.

    SL like RL is what you make of it.

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