back to article Adobe open sources Flex

Flex, the Adobe tool for delivering Flash applications that mixes ActionScript and an XML page layout language, will be completely open source by the end of 2007, with much of the code available now. With Flex at the heart of Adobe's Apollo rich internet application platform, this release marks a significant change in Adobe's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft out of the race before they knew it.

    This is a quick short-circuit of MS' plans to make Adobe a memory. Good job!! Not only does it benefit Adobe, it also stops MS AND does some good for the web as a whole.

  2. Dave

    What makes Adobe so special?

    Amazing that a company like Adobe never truly open-sources any of their bits, but Sun gets pilloried for holding on to Java too long. Double standard going on here.

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