back to article Vonage gets injunction stay made permanent

The US Court of Appeal has granted an indefinite stay on the injunction which threatened to prevent Vonage signing up new customers while its patent row with Verizon drags on - meaning the company might just remain viable. Vonage has agreed to pay a 5.5 per cent royalty payment into escrow, as well as posting a $66m bond, which …


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  1. chris

    consumers pay again...

    One has to wonder why Verizon took so long to bring the case against Vonage. Should it be acceptable for a company to come up with a base concept, then do nothing with it and only complain when they feel there might be a nice earner in it for their bottom line?

    The loser in this case is going to be the consumer once again. If the case is lost, no doubt Vonage will have to increase prices or go out of business. What happens with the new VOIP players who are undercutting/matching Vonage prices?

    Without realistic competition, phone and cable companies will continue to charge what they feel like.

    An example: - Charter offer on TV a combined phone/cable/internet package for $120. If you go into their office or listen to the radio then the same offer is only $90. That is a $360 SAVING on a 1 year OFFER !!!!!

    Guess it pays to listen to radio rather than the higher priced tv advert......

    Whilst not an ideal anology (because of size), OFCOM in the UK at least regulate BT's charges and have forced them to open up their networks to other providers...perhaps the US needs to look at this in the interest of the consumer.

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