back to article Robo-rights speculation rubbished by researchers

UK robotics boffins this week pooh-poohed the notion of evolving machine intelligence and the possibility of that old sci-fi staple, a future robot-rights movement. Academic droid-fanciers instead suggested that issues around robots in the near future would be primarily human ones. Government-sponsored futurologists predicted …


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  1. Robert Ramsay

    Mr Sharkey obviously hasn't heard of...

    ...RealDolls (tm) (probably NSFW)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not tonight....

    ...i've got a terrible pain down all the diodes in my left side.

  3. Greg

    A Weapon of Mass Discussion

    Talkie Toaster not a weapon of war? Chuck 200 of them over the enemy parapets and let's see how long it takes them to surrender.

  4. Ishkandar

    talkie toasters

    That is banned under the "inhumane treatment of the enemy" by the Geneva Conventions !! Far easier and cheaper to send the mother-in-law along....

  5. Walter A. Luethi

    Moody Robots?

    Has it ever occurred to those AI-proponents that building robots suffciently intelligent enough to resent their work might be a bit, well, pointless?

  6. Bren Flibig

    Property rights?

    Assuming we actually produce robots of such intelligence, why would "property rights" have any more bearing here than they do on the "right" to own human slaves?

    Or are they hinting at something?

  7. Demian Phillips

    It's not stupid, it's advanced!

    I figure they are trying to replicate every aspect of the "human" worker. Resenting your job is an important aspect of work.

This topic is closed for new posts.