back to article Commodore prices up games machines

Commodore Gaming - the latest reviver of ye olde Commodore brand - has priced up its high-end Wintel gaming systems, pledging to "redefine the line between gaming and reality" - whatever that means - for up to £2899 inc. VAT. Commodore Gaming Cxx PC That's what it's charging for the top-of-the-line Commodore xx, unveiled …


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  1. Joe Cincotta

    Jack Tramiel would turn in his grave...

    A Commodore machine that doesn't cost $595!

    Well, I think that given today's market, this is certainly a machine worthy of the brand and its hordes of fans. I love the aesthetic of the case and the idea of skinning them. I think the guys have gone for the right niche to at least make a go of it - better than Gateway, ESCOM or Tulip!

    The only things missing are descent displays, keyboards and mice which continue the theme and branding style.

    Well done lads! Give AlienWare a run for their money...

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