back to article Hunters bag one of last Amur leopards

Hunters in Russia's Far East have killed one of just seven female Amur leopards remaining in the wild, the WWF has announced. The wild Amur leopard population is estimated to be down to 25 to 34 individuals, with more males than females because "cats tend to breed males when under stress", Reuters explains. At least 100 …


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  1. Steve VanSlyck


    Disgusting. Just simply disgusting.

  2. Clay Garland

    And a bad shot to boot.

    Too bad the block didn't shoot himself on accident.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    shoot them all

    international team

    seal teh area

    walk on two legs?

    bang your dead.

    Might cost a few bob, but, hey, SOMETHING has to survive global waming, and I am no longer too sure that Homo Non-Sapiens should be on that list

  4. Simon Dragon

    "It's coming right for us!"

    Damned bloody humans. I'd like to shoot the hunter in the arse with a high-velocity rifle and then club him over the head until he's dead. Why? Well, because he's there, of course, the same reason that he shot the leopard. I mean, if the cojones quotient of shooting a leopard and then clubbing it is so valuable, what about the CQ of shooting someone armed similarly to yourself?

    Actually, I'd like to give the hunting rifles and clubs to the leopards, and see what they make of them.

    It makes me sick to be human.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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