back to article Alcohol boosts health benefit of fruit

Researchers from Kasetsart University in Thailand and the US Department of Agriculture Research Service have rather agreeably found that alcohol boosts the antioxidant properties of some fruit, the BBC reports. While investigating ways of keeping fruit fresh during storage, the scientists found that "treating strawberries with …


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  1. daniel

    Fruit and alcohol

    Drink red wine, as that too is fermented fruit, but all that looks like an excuse for the researchers to get likkored up on fruit punch...

    So, throw your mediterranian diet veggies, ham and wine into the mixer, and follow the lot down with a few glasses of Navy Rum, and voilà, the secret of eternal inebriated life!



  2. Ash

    Strawberries and Kirsch

    A favourite of my gran, that one. She certainly knows her foreign booze...


  3. Ian Edwards

    This is as old as civilisation

    The turning of any fruit or vegtable into alcohol is a very old way of preserving it. It means that home-made wine and liquors are far healther than the commercially produced rubbish you find on supermarket shelves that are just empty calories. After I started trying homebrew and making my own extracts I realized just how 'fabricated' the shop stuff tasted.

  4. Paul Hurst


    what is this sweet and fleshy thing you call fruit?

    alcohol? now that's something I understand...

  5. Jim Cosser


    Ah how I love you Corona I knew there was a reason that idiot stuck a lime in you. Finally your one of my 5 a day, hell your 5 of my 5 a day.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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