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"So let me get this straight," I say to the PFY. "You want me to give you a reasonable amount of time to make a suave first impression - and engage her in some meaningful conversation about one of her interest topics - then bust in with some huge problem that only you can fix which will make you look like someone pretty bloody …


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  1. Will


    The line "Your wife called and said her water's broken and she needs you to come home and take care of the triplets while she drives herself to hospital again...And she said that if you're not home in 20 minutes she's going to burn your porn and flush your viagra down the toilet." had me laughing out loud at my desk. Good thing almost everyone's away to lunch, then. Well written as usual. Quality.

  2. Martin Owens

    Great Stuff

    Re Above, fantastic stuff; Now if only she was also into installing Gentoo from stage 1 tarballs and perhaps a little beer brewing you'd get my wife.

  3. Gregory Marton

    Nerd girls rock

    They make the world shine.

  4. Roland Korn

    N3rd Gurlz

    Where or where art thou?


    It is a crying shame that the story is pure and utter fantasy ... *melodramatic sigh*

    Like competent politicians and honest lawyers they just dont exist...

  5. Oli Beaumont

    Traditionally excellent

    Still as good as ever. Top notch!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does this bear any resemblance to

    This article also posted:

    I guess there are ALL types.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: N3rd Gurlz

    Oh, we're out there. :)

  8. Dan

    Perfect girl

    Sounds like the BOFH and PFY needs their heads checked. Other than the Line Dancing, (ok no one is completely perfect,) she is perfect.

    Imaginative, (D&D,) and cultured, (book club,) and reliant on her other halves technical skills, (i.e. technically inept....which makes us feel all manly.) What more could you want :)

  9. Louise Collis

    Re: N3rd Gurlz

    We even have a club! (no seriously - we do!)

This topic is closed for new posts.