back to article Ubuntu launch marred by website woes

Ubuntu's website has been flaking out on and off throughout today as its users attempt to download the latest free, open source desktop, laptop, client, and server Linux distribution. Version 7.04 was supposed to be available for download from the Ubuntu website today. However, users would have been hardpressed to actually …


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  1. Karl Lattimer

    Its a popular distro...

    Ubuntu are of course aware of the problems, its simply a load matter. There servers can't handle it, unfortunately its stopping people from getting the amazing new OS in all its glory (i tried it, it's grrrrrreat)

    There is now a mirror list up at the main site as they've shifted things around by the look of things to try and cool off the release.

    Fiesty is available here (USE A MIRROR)

    Or get the bittorrent

    and update it to using the builtin package updater.

  2. Alastair McKinstry

    Lesson: don't add a graphical tour of new features

    The advert mail for ubuntu 7.04 has a pointer to a graphical tour

    of new features on 7.04. Suspected load issue?

    The website is now failing over to,

    which doesn't include 7.04 release notes or the graphical tour.

  3. Andrew Herron

    Its back now...

    Well as of 4pm they seem to have managed to get the site back again... hope the outage was not due to them upgrading there servers to 7.04 ;-)

  4. Kevin Hall


    I thought the invincible world of Linux didn't have these kind of outages. I mean in the Linux fantasy world you don't have these problems, do you? Have you got your excuses ready yet?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Follow the sun....

    ...when it's supposed to be 'tomorrow' - tomorrow came early to Asia - downloading a treat from an 'eastern asian' mirror.

    (S'pose that's what Dubya means when he says "..the US . (oh, yep - nearly forgot) and the rest of the world")


  6. Alex Taylor


    What a stupid thing to say. Not even the most ardent Linux fan is going to say that it's immune to server overload - especially because this is more of a hardware and bandwidth issue than it is to do with the operating system it's being served from.

  7. Col

    Non-starter for ten

    It's still knackered. I've been trying to download it for half an hour now and all I get for my troubles is 503. Ho hum...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What problem???

    Logged on to no problem and downloaded the ISO in less than an hour!!

  9. Steven Walker

    Use bittorrent

    It took me a couple of hours this afternoon. This is the obvious way to get any new *nix distro.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wireless support, eh?

    "The latest desktop addition had been touted by Ubuntu as having new features which include wireless networking support..."

    Wireless networking support! I'm gonna party like it's 1999!

  11. Chris Neale

    Wifi if you're lucky

    Despite listing the Ralink cards as on the compatibly lists, they don't work fine with the wifi network manager if you want to use WPA.

  12. Tom


    People should have downloaded the beta a couple of days ago like I did. (although I'm posting this from my windows box :o)

    And just for the record, sod the new VM capabilities, shove your improved wireless support, it's got those wobbly windows... built in and only a checkbox away!

  13. Shannon Jacobs

    Duh? Why isn't BitTorrent the default?

    Strikes me as kind of ridiculous that they aren't using BitTorrent as the default for large-scale distribution. This kind of peak traffic scenario is exactly where it works best.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OK this morning

    I grabbed the full "alternative" install (696MB) from canonical this morning - only took about 55 minutes.

    So either they've fixed their problems or everyone has given up

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wireless support?

    So how was I using Wireless on Edgy?

    Oh yeah, it's maxing out this broadband connection downloading from a mirror.

  16. UnixAnt

    Re: Duh? Why isn't BitTorrent the default?

    Amen to that!

    As for the wireless issues, both Ubuntu and the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint have worked perfectly with Ralink, Netgear and USR cards, although WPA functionality has been flaky on both distros.

    Will be interesting to see how wireless performs out of the box with the latest version...

  17. Rose

    Impressive demand

    Even some of the mirrors were struggling a bit yesterday. Fortunately I decided to upgrade to Feisty 3 days beforehand, so no problems here.

    I've been using Ubuntu for about a month and I've got to admit I like it. It installs out of the box, even on older machines; I've had no more problems with drivers than with Windows; there are tons of apps and utilities available at the click of a mouse... and best of all, it's rock stable. No apps suddenly going belly-up after Patch Tuesday, something that's become tiresomely frequent on my other machines.

  18. Dillon Pyron


    Does anyone know if they support Orinoco (Gold)? I've got an older Sony Vaio that's about to be retired and it has one. I've got no problem with buying a new card, but I just love going into a "cyber cafe" and firing up my b card and just watching the network slow to a crawl. :-)

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