back to article Cigarette break saves US woman's life

The pro-smoking lobby got a small boost on Monday after a South Carolina woman cheated death by nipping outside the house for a cigarette. Brenda Comer, of Rock Hill, had just finished washing the dishes at around 11am when she popped out for a gasper. At that moment, The Seattle Times dramatically recalls, "an 80-foot-tall oak …


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  1. Jon

    But one must however notice...

    That she had just "finished" doing the dishes, and went out for a cigarette..

    Had she not been going to smoke, she was still done with the dishes, and therefore more than likely leaving said sink anyway.

    Arguably, had she not been a smoker, she may have been a dish-washing hard-core gamer, rushing back to a violent video game. We would then be able to float headlines about the life-saving power of violent video games!

  2. Mel Collins

    Non-smokers save smokers' lives

    I think it should also be noted that in both situations mentioned in the article, it appears that it was in fact non-smokers who saved the lives of the smokers in question!

    Had the woman's husband not fussed at her, she may well have been having her fag indoors - possibly even at the sink. And had the occupants of the shelter not been bothered about the chap smoking, he would've been in the shelter when the bomb hit.

    Hurrah for the selflessness of non-smokers I say! :)

  3. Andy Bright

    And remember

    Smoking leads to Heroine Addiction, Paedophilia and Suicide Bombing.. as this site's very own t-shirt dept will testify..

    Now if only I was allowed to wear mine at work.. do you think it'll make a difference if I chuck in the cigarettes and start smoking a pipe instead?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Would she have been there if she was a non-smoker...

    If she had not been smoking previously that day she might have finished the washing a few minutes earlier, thus not being there when the tree fell.

  5. Colin Jackson

    Revenge attack?

    Is this a case of the foliage fighting back? "Leaf murderer!" the tree cried, as it carried out it's failed suicide-bludgeoning. Of course, this is America, and we will never compromise our way of life. In the light of this outrage, it's the patriotic duty of every American to begin smoking immediately.

  6. Jim Cosser

    Smoke + Winds

    Everyone is missing the point that she was so nicotine addicted that she went out for a fag in 40Mph winds! thats dedication to the cause.

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