back to article Lenovo sheds jobs to increase profit

Lenovo plans to reduce its global workforce by five per cent, in what the company calls a "resource reduction" of approximately 1,400 jobs in the US and Asia. Out of the number targeted, 750 positions (including contractors) will be moved into markets closer to Lenovo supplier and manufacturing operations and 650 positions …


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  1. Jim Jackson

    There goes the Thinkpad?

    They now own arguably (quite easily argued for that matter) the best laptop in the world. I cringed when I saw this headline, I really hope the Thinkpad design and quality doesn't get affected.

  2. Brian Hillier

    Try offering updated product

    Perhaps Lenovo should try updating their product lines if they want profit. According to their Canadian website, you can only get windows vista on a very select number of laptops and none of the X60 Tablets. And office 2007 does not appear as an option at all - still way back in the office 2003 days guys?

    They have also been plauged with notoriously unreliable shipping dates, descripencies between North American availability - Does it need to take 6 months for CDN avail of same product?, and a surplus of crapware to try and eliminate once you do get your system.

    What they should do is get their logistics in line, consolidate ordering, tracking, and warranty services in North America. Work out their supplier issues, and update their product lines (Centrino Pro is a good opportunity for this)

    Instead I imagine they will cut their staff, offer fewer product lines to "consolidate profit", and slowly wither away into nothingness.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's already well on its way!

    The Thinkpad is already well on its way, unfortunately.

    I bought a few T43s immediately following the Lenovo takeover.

    Quality was equal to that of the IBM branded versions I'd become accustomed to.

    Then, I bought some version of the 'Z' series. Godawful build quality with sagging plastic enclosure, ill fitting DVD module and crappy keyboard.

    Recently I purchased an X60 and that too now shows crappy quality. It's the little things such as plastic feel to buttons, external ports feeling slightly loose etc.

    I'd say Lenovo will have completely ruined the Thinkpad within a year or two from now.

    No more Thinkpads for me. HP, here I come :-(

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