back to article Intel inserts hack into Celebrity

The word on the Beijing streets is that Bill Gates will appear Thursday at a downtown hotel to tout something. As of this writing, Microsoft has decided it would be best for us not to attend that event. The same cannot be said for Sun Microsystems, which has spared some time with Chairman Scott McNealy. And we're not sure what’s …


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  1. amanfromMars

    Chinese Take IT Away ......

    ..... for Evaluation?

    "To the ever-popular Green Grid booth."

    Obviously Staff were away BetaTesting Client Malware Configurations.

    A Sweet Addiction rather than just Odd Jobbing ....... but the East have long Known that, already. ....... Masters of ITs SurReality with Technology Providing Physicality for Virtual Future Control?

    A Ping Dynasty.....?

  2. Enno

    intel on board?

    By the looks of the scale model Itanium (with the Segway booth babe) Intel may be on board with El Reg's Itanic moniker. It certainly looks like the chip is sinking from here!

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