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The 81-year-old "neighbour from hell" who was found guilty of harrassment and six breaches of an Asbo after making her neighbours' lives "a misery" has been jailed for six months, the BBC reports. Dorothy Evans, of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, failed to appear in court yesterday for sentencing, "claiming she was unwell and in …


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  1. Graham Jordan

    I wish she were my gran

    Can we source an address of this old lady? I'd like to throw her a welcome home bash for when she gets out (if she gets out). She should be encouraged, not jailed.

    I have a new hero.

  2. Daniel Silver badge

    Re: I wish she were my gran

    "She should be encouraged, not jailed."


    By all accounts she's an antisocial old bitch who for more than 10 years has demonstrated a clear disregard for common decency and the rule of law.

    I have a new hero too - the judge and QC who dared to put her away. She asked for it, but given the tendency of the media to side with the underdog in the search for a story ("Helpless pensioner subjected to prison torture sentence" anybody?) I have nothing but respect for the fact that they did the right thing in this case.

  3. Chris Shephard

    Good result

    Nah, this is a good result. The lady in question lives up the road from myself, and is - and always has been - notorious for her anti-social behaviour; not just to the neighbours but generally to the residents of Abergavenny themselves.

    I'm glad the courts have come down on the side of Mrs. Evans here.

  4. Arnold Lieberman

    Twisted logic

    "David Webster, defending, requested that Evans be spared a custodial sentence, saying saying his client had a "fear" of going to jail. "

    FFS! If she has a fear of punishment, she shouldn't have done the crime!

    "He insisted: "Send her to prison and the deterrent effect of that will rapidly evaporate.""

    That's probably true - despite the lack of TV options, she'll probably have a cushy time compared to having to do her own cooking, cleaning and neighbour-bothering.

  5. Andrew Bright

    In my day

    All old people acted this way, it was expected of them.. we had a name for it.. oh yes Teacher Training College.

    ahh the good ol' days.. the smell of the clean cut grass on a summer day, the thwunk of the cricket bat on the school field, the thwack of a teacher's walking stick on teenage witches and their prostitute mothers..

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Soory but..

    She is a danger to nobody, she might be a nuisance, but she is no danger to nobody.

    If this is how we treat demented and ecentric old people then I think we are definitley going the wrong way in society.

    I grew up in Rome were it was full of mat hatters and yes they could be aggressive, but you laugh at them, avoid them and don't get confrontational.

    She can't run after you so you can up your speed, if she hits you she can't hurt you, she would probably hurt herself, so what are they bothered about?

    These people exist, I don't know how you can call an 81 year old woman a bitch?

    She is obviously mad.

    These people have a place in society and that must be respected, why didnt they call social services, why do they insist on treating her as if she wasn't mad?

    Why can people not make allowances for people like this?

    Pedophiles get away with what they do, rapists dont even get questioned by the police, but she gets six months.

    That is cruel, it is like making a child responsible as it were an adult for it's actions, it's simply wrong and cruel.

    I hope she becomes famous as she deserves it and that she doesn't get ill in prison as those boring empty shells of neighbours of hers would like.

    From what I have read in the articles and from the neighbour that posted above, nothing she did was extraordinary or worthy of prison, the woman had a point in hating in her neighbours, she just displayed it the wrong way.

  7. Chris Shephard

    Good result

    Not entirely sure what the above poster has been reading, but on the record the neighbour has spoken about how the defendant should not actually go to jail ( ).

    Furthermore, I guess one can only guess at the effects that she had on her neighbours until one has experienced it themselves.

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