back to article Anteater kills zookeeper

An Argentinian zookeeper has died as a result of an anteater attack, Reuters reports. Melisa Casco, 19, died following an operation to amputate one of her legs. She worked as at Florencio Varela zoo outside Buenos Aires as "part of a conservation and reproduction project involving endangered giant anteaters". The "unusual" …


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  1. Ian Ferguson


    Anyone remember Stephen King's excellent miniseries Kingdom Hospital? The fearsome anteater Anubis makes me wary of approaching ant-snufflers without chain mail and pepper spray.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's Cerebus the aardvark...

    ... and he's come back as a female.

    God, that's going to mess with Dave Sim's misogynistic little head!

  3. Andrew Moore

    Kingdom Hospital

    I remember Lars von Trier's excellent Riget which Stephen King butchered

  4. Andrew Bright

    Will she be awarded

    A Steve Irwin medal of valour?


  5. Big Pete

    She was killed by what?

    Being an Aussie, when i read she was killed by an Ant Eater, I thought one of these Bugger Me, I thought, It must have been really angry. It was only later i learned that South America has Ant Eaters the size of small horses.

  6. Big Pete

    Re: Will she be awarded

    To you Andrew, I salute you, Funniest thing I've read all day.

    Maybe we need "A Steve Irwin medal of valour" for those who give their all doing stupid dangerous things to animals.

  7. David Chapman

    Wrong operation??

    If the anteater attacked her abdomen, liver, lungs etc., what the blazes were the doctors doing amputating her leg for? Small wonder she died if they operated on the wrong part of her body. Or maybe they'd had a lot of anteater attacks that week and got the wrong person?

    I'm sure a medical guru out there can put me straight on this.

  8. get off

    Anybody else notice and wonder?

    I had to read this story a couple of times. How horrifying for the poor young womans family, for whom I express my sympathy.

    What surprises me somewhat is, why on earth they were chopping one of her legs off, the story indicates that her internal organs were mauled.

    She may have died of shock from the fact the doctors were trying to saw one of legs off. Like WTF are you doing down there guys.. Can you, just put everything back in and sew me up please... Errr duh!

    The other thing that struck me was. I'm not saying it's easy and I'm sure there are thousands of complications, but do people (esp so young/healthy) usually die from a leg amputation. I mean even the old battlefield/navy operatations, bit of wood between your teeth, stood a resonable chance of success didn't they?

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