back to article Intel restyles laptop as wireless fashion accessory

Say hello to Intel's latest portable PC concept: the "metro notebook", an ultra-thin, ultra-light laptop for the ladies. Designed to be carried over the shoulder, the sub-0.7in thick, 1kg device sports an always-on secondary display for fast info updates. Intel's concept 'metro laptop' The Core 2 Duo-based machine's small …


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  1. Dean Burrows


    While the idea is sound and maybe workable, it just wouldnt be feasible over here!!!

    It would damn well be robbed!!!

    You can just see someone buying one then never taking it outside in case they get mugged!!!

    And given it's size and weight i cannot see it having any serious multi-tasking or processing power... so it would just be an overgrown PDA really... Unless Intel have a spec list for us to browse and laugh at?

    Anyone else agree???

  2. Mike Stephens


    I love lightweight computers and I love e-Ink. Trouble is all these things are five times as expensive as they should be, so no-one buys them. This will be the same.

  3. Kurt Guntheroth

    ship it!

    I'm still waiting for a 1kg laptop with a decent (primary) display and a decent base price. Something in the $700 range in the US.

    Lots of mobile activities (note taking, reading, surfing) don't need state-of-the-art processor power, and anyway processors are too fast nowadays anyway.

    I dunno if a secondary screen is the right answer, or if it's a tablet style flip-around screen, but getting the weight down so it can be comfortably carried is critical. 1kg is a great target.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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