back to article Electronic voting under legal scrutiny in the US

Voting activists have been given the go ahead to proceed with a legal challenge to the certification of the touch-screen voting machines used in 57 of Pennsylvania's counties. Pennsylvania's Department of State had been opposing the suit, but its objections were dismissed by a Commonwealth Court on Friday last week. The state …


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  1. Doc Farmer

    I've Already SOLVED The e-Voting Problem!

    It's just that there's no money in it for the politicians, so they ignore it...,10801,106834,00.html?source=x241

  2. Chris

    What an id10t

    I'm shocked (though I must admit, only mildly) at this idiot. He's actually more interested in having a system that's ready for the August primaries than he is in having a system that's reliable. That's the government for you.

  3. Doc Farmer

    Re: What an id10t

    Isn't "Idiot" the short definition for "politician"?

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