back to article Adobe talks up next media player

Adobe says the next version of its media player will allow users to watch video stored on their machines as well as that streamed online. Sites such as YouTube use Adobe's Flash technology to stream video. But the Adobe Media Player will let you watch videos offline as well. It promises better quality playback and a …


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  1. Liam


    ive had to stop using M$ Media player at work as it cant be used with photoshop or illustrator - it basically buggers up the clipboard and corrupts it. and now we find that adobe has been working with M$ - i bet its not fixed!

  2. Bob Hannent

    I wonder...

    Will this media player also suck 100% of my processor power just to play some stupid animation that isn't really productive like Flash does?

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Don't wonder

    It's certain : not only will these bloated DRM infestations use 100% of CPU power, but you will also get instant online oversight from Big Brother, who will scourge you HDD from any file that is deemed suspicious by someone else than you.

    And going offline will only create a backlog of files to check. As soon as you reconnect, the system will spend 10 minutes doing its sneaky tricks while you wait for it to finish.

    Resistance is futile - but that has never been a reason not to resist !

This topic is closed for new posts.

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