back to article PlusNet just wants to be loved - again

Beleaguered ISP PlusNet is attempting a comeback with a suite of new deals, backed by its new owner BT. PlusNet's 200,000 subscribers were picked up by BT at the tail end of a year which saw its long standing good reputation dismantled at its own hand. Technical cock ups, followed up with terrible customer service resulted in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hasn't learnt much yet

    At least, not if the conversation I had with them yesterday, the day before that, a couple of times last week, and a few times over the last three months is anything to go by. All for the same, still not working, account.

  2. Chris Jefferson

    Plusnet's was always a rip-off

    After about 9 months I decided I wanted to leave plusnet, but I thought I'd stay until my 12 months were up, so I wouldn't have to pay a whopping cancellation fee. Then it turned out I only got a little bit off their disconnection fee per year, so I paid it and left. Turns out with plusnet to avoid paying a connection fee you have to stay for SIX YEARS!

    No company ever recovers from that kind of bad behaviour, I'd never let anyone use them.

  3. John

    Will any trust them again?

    After 5 years with Plusnet they really screwed me over. Told me I wasn't losing e-mail over a 7 day period when I was. Not only that, but other customers who had the same problem weren't told they were missing e-mail and probably never knew! Brought it up on their forum and no one from Plusnet cared to comment. They just didn't care.

    I've left them for good and I think most of the 30 odd people I recommended to them have left as well.

    It would take frying my balls in olive oil to make me go back to them. As for loving them........

This topic is closed for new posts.

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