back to article Orange suspends extranet after attack

Orange has had to suspend access to its "Enable" system since last Thursday when it became aware that a third party was trying to access the credit checking and connection management system. In a statement, Orange said someone tried to get in to the system, which is designed for internal and external sales people. Orange wouldn …


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  1. Garry

    Orange registrations were also broken this week

    Is this connected at all with the fact that Orange SIM registration seems to have been broken all week.

    At the beginning of the week I registered my SIM on the website, was told it was successfully completed, given my phone number and told to expect an SMS activation within 24 hours. I am still waiting now. Yesterday I called Orange and was told their system was down all week and they couldn't register anyone.

    Today Orange registrations are apparantly working again, but they have no record of my SIM or phone number. They are telling me they don't exist, and expect me to just throw away a perfectly good SIM, number and all my printed stationary as well as re-inform everyone I know of a new number! This is quite ridiculous, and I'd invite any Orange employees reading this for their comments.


  2. Sam Millner

    I wondered what was up

    I tried to top up from like wendesday until friday, managed to at 10 o clock on friday and she put it through twice, it kept saying "we have loads of customers" and "the system is down" etc. Left in the dark pretty much though. It sucks

  3. Mike Norton

    THat explains a lot...

    I'd been receiving calls from contract re-sellers for the last two months, which i thought was odd as this is my first 18 month contract, so it's not as if they've stuck 12 months on my last renewal date - but i just thought it was orange selling the customer list.....

This topic is closed for new posts.

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