back to article House-trash party girl blames 'hackers'

An English teenager whose house was trashed after she posted a party invite on MySpace has blamed computer hackers for the gatecrashing debacle. A 17 year old from Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, took advantage of her parents being away over Easter to invite a few friends – say 60, plus DJs – to an informal get together at …


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  1. kaiserb_uk

    "Internet Menace"

    This was being discussed on Jeremy Vine this lunchtime - specifically the role of "the internet" [Jeremy Vine is clearly a luddite, much like the rest of the Beeb]. As was pointed out by several callers, gatecrashing (especially of teen parties) is nothing new - word-of-mouth just means a bit more these days. Anyone stupid/naive enough to post a party invite ON A BLEEDING PUBLIC WEBSITE needs their head examining. If she'd posted flyers all over town would Jeremy Vine be wittering about "the role of paper in today's society"? Gah.

  2. Haviland

    A hacker did it and ran away

    Yeah, right.

    They're probably the same hackers that raid our cupboards for chocolate when there's no-one there bar my son.

  3. Brian

    Hackers Stole my Virginity!!!

    Children have been making stupid mistakes for as long as there are children. The added responsibility we grant to teenagers simply magnifies the potential damage they can cause. Since the dawn of time they have been trying to pass blame for anything they do wrong unto others. Why this should surprise anyone is strange to me.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "It wasn't me"

    In common with most other teenagers whose plans go more than somewhat awry she's resorted to the "It wasn't me" defence.

    This is usually followed by the "You didn't see me do it" counter-attack. When the inevitable videos do turn up on YouTube we'll no doubt see our inebriated hostess happily helping trash the family home!

  5. Fred Fnord

    It might be worth noting for your American viewers...

    ...that 'squirty cream' is apparently some sort of Britishism for Reddi-Wip (the ubiquitous 'whipped-cream-in-a-can').

    It sounds naughty enough when you know that. When you're completely clueless, as I was before googling, well...


  6. Dale


    Most likely going to use the whipcream the same way Mark Wahlberg used it in the film "shooter" ;)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Happenned to a friend sans myspace

    His younger sister invited all her friends and told them they could invite friends too. She ended up knowing a tenth of the attendees and he got lumbered with finding out who had lifted the jewelry.

    The girl's claim that hackers were involved means either:

    1) She's a liar

    2) She's a hacker

    3) She's knobbing a hacker

    Hopefully she'll remember this episode when deciding whether to have children, ever.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'French polishers?'

    Remember the 1980s Yellow Pages ad with the aftermath of a teenage party?

    If's marketing people have an ounce of sense they'll be signing that girl up to star in their new campaign. If she does a dozen adverts, a reality TV series and a self-pitying autobiography she *might* be able to pay back the damage to her parents' house.

  9. Paul

    Reddi whip?

    You guts come up with some funny names for things but 'Reddi Wip' ? Is it Red?

    I think in this country, Reddi Whip would either be a strawberry instant desert or a long-extinct breed of politician....

  10. Rich

    Squirty creem = drugs!

    You can allegedly get wasted on squirty cream. The propellant in the cans is NOS and by turning them upside down you can inhale the NOS without the cream.

    This was used by Ian Banks in Espedair St where he has one of the characters twoc an entire trolley load of squirty cream containers and attempt to snort them.

  11. Joel


    Seriously.. why have I not been able to find any videos of this alleged "crrrrraaazy" party? Even the lamest parties get put up on Youtube. If I was there and had filmed things.. even before I'd seen the news I'd whack the videos up... and then afterwards whack them up again.

    If anyone finds any videos.. please, do tell me :)

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Reddi Wip? = Ready Whip

    Not red. Just a mangled/shortened spelling of the description "ready to use whipped cream" to make up something to use as a brand name.

  13. Gabor Laszlo

    Squirty creem = drugs - well, sortof

    The propellent in whipped cream cans is indeed N2O (Nitrous oxide, a mild anaesthetic), but it's a terribly inefficient and wasteful way of getting high. You get maybe one or two lungfuls from a whole can, and a slight tingly buzz that lasts less than a minute. Hyperventilating is more exciting than that. Unless you /really/ like cream.

  14. Michael Chester

    Upside down can=Cream

    Surely if the can was upside down (i.e. with the bottom towards the ceiling) then all the cream would come out, it would have to be the right way up (i.e. with the top (where the tube is) towards the ceiling) to just get the propellant.

    Suppose that the other chemicals that come with it are better from huffing cream than anything else though.

    (a rather more sensible yoof of 2day)

    P.S. There is no such thing as a Britshism, it was our language first! Squirty cream is Proper English, Reddi Wip is an Americanism.

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