back to article Killer virus hoax panics Pakistan

Mobile phone operators in Pakistan have been deluged with calls from concerned users after they received a hoax message claiming a killer virus was being transmitted via their handsets. The message claimed that 20 people had already succumbed to the deadly plague, and proved so effective that some mosques in Karachi began …


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  1. Chris Miller

    Stephen King woz 'ere

    Sounds like someone has been reading 'Cell' ( I should get out more ...

  2. Matthew Greet

    Education, education, education

    I hope Pakistanis read this article because, like belief in the biblical flood, it is an indicator of grossly underfunded education. When even the imans are fooled by this, education really is in a bad state.

  3. James Sumner

    It's not just Pakistan...

    I'm afraid education is in a terrible state in the UK and US as well. One just has to go through their e-mail inbox and all the things people are forwarding to them under a false belief of their hotmail account being deleted and Bill Gates sharing his fortune etc. to realise this.

    Do you really think there wouldn't have been mass panic here if it had happened in the UK? I think there would have been.

  4. Paul

    Why spend money on education?

    If you spend too much on education enough people might figure out that you're a highly unpleasant individual who is still in power only in order to serve the military interests of a foreign government.

    And if we're talking about Pakistan, rather than the UK, you've got the added problem that you're an unelected dictator.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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