back to article China cracks down on net porn

China's Ministry of Public Security today announced a six month crackdown on net pornography, AP reports. The campaign will target "cyber strip shows and sexually explicit images, stories and audio and video clips" according to state news agency Xinhua. Zhang Xinfeng, a deputy public security minister, declared: "The boom of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    China cracks down on net porn - Yada Yada Yada

    I cannot recall how many times that "El Register" has published a story on this same exact topic - OK a bunch.

    China is second to the US with internet users which is expected to exceed the US this year and they managed to only bag these few poor souls for their examples.

    This is really good news for the US going to the WTO over piracy with China. China is really serious about porn and has only a few sites brought down. I wonder how may that they will round up for piracy? After all what is the difference?

    Glad Dual Cores are becoming the norm as so we do not get bogged down tabulating ...

    Mike in Louisiana

  2. Dan

    Ever get this feeling...

    ...that eventually the Chinese government is going to be like, "#$!^ this, lets just make the Internet illegal in China for everyone but top party officials and intellectual property pirates that we say we hate but operate with our tacit approval"?

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