back to article Shuttle debuts firey hued, liquid cooled gaming PC

Small form-factor PC specialist Shuttle has introduced its first liquid-cooled system, launching the flame-coloured performance box in Japan as the limited edition SDXi 1337 series. Shuttle SDXi 1337 - front Beyond the custom paint job, the SDXi look like Shuttle's XPC small form-factor machines - it's the SD37P2, to be …


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  1. Uncle Nick

    Looks familiar!

    Dunno... what do you think?

    (scroll down to 3rd and 4th pics)

  2. Matt Boak


    what about this one...

    A bit of originality, eh guys?

  3. Dan

    No cred

    One mod I never get bored of doing is painting my computers. This takes all the fun out of it.

    I bet we are going to see a lot of these in college dorm rooms of kids who took 1 intro to comp sci course as a requirement for their liberal arts major and now consider themselves "leet supa haxor masters".

This topic is closed for new posts.

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