back to article Naomi Campbell MTV 'Minion' show canned

There is growing confusion surrounding a planned Naomi Campbell MTV show called The Minion in which the battling Streatham clotheshorse was to have sought out a new personal assistant. According to some news reports, it was MTV which bitchslapped the project because Ms Campbell wouldn't return its calls. A source said: " …


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  1. amanfromMars

    Will the real Naomi reveal herself....?

    A Change to Dominion might appeal to her ID. She must have had her full of minions.

  2. Aubry Thonon

    Oh, come on!

    The chances of this show getting off the ground were a minion to one.

    <I will go and hide now>

  3. SmokeyMcPotHead

    Manager, Minion or Plebb?

    They've cancelled the show because she's filled the Minion position, but she's now looking for a Plebb. So when MTV phone up the secretary can ask whether they want to speak to a Manager, Minion or a Plebb.

    They may of course consider a show however called The Plebb...

  4. fergal

    No returned Calls

    Surely its obvious, the phone has been destroyed in a phone flinging fiasco.

  5. Richard Williams

    Oh it doesn't matter you were bad, let's make you some money.

    Am I the only person that feels the whole idea of this program is sordid?

    I mean, she was brought to court and charged for assaulting someone. She gets away with a nice, hidden-away bit of community service even though Boy George was forced to serve his in public, took the whole brunt of the media and suffered the modern-day equivalent of the stocks (I mean, there's no point issuing fines to these people, it means nothing to them).

    Then, after she quietly dusts off her court case and pays the whole $363 medical fees for the plaintiff, MTV (and maybe other companies) actually consider ostensibly patting her on the back for her actions by making a TV show fidn a new victim. That is truly sick.

    I realise the show is potentially axed, but even considering it is like telling her 'hey it's ok you can treat the little people any way you like'. And we'll capitalise on it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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