back to article ATM blagger cuffed after artificial leg falls off

A would-be ATM blagger was cuffed after losing his artificial leg during a police pursuit - thereby depriving him of the full complement of limbs required to show officers a clean set of heels. According to AP, 48-year-old Gregory Daniels and an accomplice drove up to Pomona Ranch Market, California, last Tuesday at 3am, …


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  1. JP

    Sue! Sue!

    What's the bet that the crim gets to sue the manufacturer of the leg for "loss of income" and "critical failure of product" as he was the only one that didn't get away, while his fully-legged friends make quick their escape?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    El Reg Syndicated now ??

    I have noticed that for the last week or so, your 'human interest' stories and a couple of your slightly more 'technical' articles of a broad interest have been showing up regularly and in a highly timely manner on CNN.

    Copyright wise and such I can only assume that El Reg now has an added source of income from CNN.

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  4. Daniel Fiander

    I've heard of the One Armed Bandit, but that's ridiculous!


  5. Mike Moyle

    Never happen...

    Any lawyer would tell him that it would never stand up in court.

  6. Mike

    losing limbs

    The Bader link reminds me of the joke about the pilot who crashed in Germany during WWII. He was badly injured to the point that every couple of days the German doctors had to remove another limb due to infection. Before each limb was removed the pilot would ask if the doctors could package it up and send it home to England. While the doctors thought the request odd, they complied. Finally, the doctors had removed all limbs but his right arm. They approached him with the bad news that this would also have to be removed, and he made his usual request. "Nein" the doctors replied. "The gestapo thinks you're trying to escape"

  7. Graham Lockley

    How appropriate..

    ... that this story should end up in 'Bootnotes' :)

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