back to article Woman claims Geek Squader tried to film her in the shower

An engineer from Geek Squad apparently managed to leave his mobile phone in the bathroom while his customer took a shower, and would have got away with it if she hadn't spotted the handset blinking at her from the basin. Geek Squad - Best Buy's installation and repair arm - sent an engineer to the customer's house to fix her …


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  1. Greg Nelson

    Film at 11?

    On the street there's a saying, 'if you can't do the time; don't do the crime'. Why would he? So little gain, so much to lose. Hopefully he's got a serious substance abuse problem he can tout in court. If his thing is watching people shower, it's likely he's about to get all he could want with, of course, the prison gender restriction.

  2. Chris

    Another pathetic American

    It never fails to amaze me that here in the U.S. we are so scared of the human body that we feel the need to completely cover it and keep it away from the eyes of children, and that we need to "protect" our own body image from everyone else. If the alleged incident really did take place, then the guy is a scumbag, plain and simple. Should he be punished? Absolutely. Should he lose his job? I don't know, but I can certainly understand the call for it. But should he really be sued? And better yet, should his employer be sued? They had no part in this, and likely no idea that he would do this. Seriously, how was this woman "injured"? Remember, you must be injured in order to sue. What was the "emotional distress" she cited? That someone might see her tits? She caught on before anyone was able to see the video, so where is the injury? Remember when something like this would be settled by her brother (or a male friend) simply beating the crap out of the guy?

  3. charlie wallace

    Likely Story

    I seem to recall either a skit or news story about the geek squads being the new plumbers for the bored housewives, and after dropping all the hints, ultimately she was scorned.

    Who invites a stranger in and then tells them they're going for a shower and time to setup a phone camera, while they wander the house, plus its going to be obvious there.

    the little red dot was probably the voicemail or something, and what happens if someone called the phone.

    plus i've tried this before, the lens just steams up and the shower curtain gets in the way anyway.

  4. cozmoz

    Are you sure HE filmed it

    How can anybody be sure that he filmed it, maybe he forgot his phone in there and she made the video herself considering she plans to sue the hell out of him and the company he works for.

    BTW anybody noticed the image on CBS has been stretched to make him look fatter???

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Marc Cohen, KABC Radio Tech Pimp looooooves Geek Squad

    Reknown phoney Tech Radio Pimp Marc Cohen just looooves the Geek Squad and has them on his KABC Radio Show often on Saturday's (mainly because they can answer the questions HE CAN'T, since he knows NOTHING about computers except how to get them and other gadgets for free).

    So it's not surprising that Marc'y boyu would loooooove Geek Squad, they look for "freebees" all the time. Hey Marcia Collier, better check your bathroom too!

  6. Edwin

    Why sue the employer?

    Chris - it's obvious. They have more money.

  7. Steven Walker

    Any fool ...

    ... can issue a press release threatening to sue, some may even get as far as issuing a writ. It is another thing to actually win a case or even a settlement - even in the US. I doubt if more than 5% headlined claims for $millions result in anything at all being paid.

  8. Alex

    Good Lord!

    Gee. A kinky computer nerd. I am now looking forward to worldwide coverage of the latest parking lot bingle, and minute by minute coverage of drunk football arguments in pubs. It all just makes me wonder which competitor it is who has decided to use the media to "get" the Geek Squad. As far as CBS goes, their anchor starts the story alleging that the guy tried to "video a 13 year old girl" ... who according to the story, wasn't in the apartment at the time. In short... a 100% media crock.

  9. lansalot

    c'mon people !

    Logically, GS should only employ women, to prevent this kind of thing happening.

    I seem to remember in history lessons that we were told to "beware geeks bearing dicks". Or something like that. Maybe he too was trying to introduce a trojan ?

    I'll get my coat...

  10. Dave Cheetham

    Yeah, likely story!

    Taking a shower while the IT engineer is there and leaving her little sister alone with him?

    Doesn't ring true. Would you leave young girl alone with an IT geek????

  11. Brian

    How Pathetic

    I am ashamed that they let this loser be called a geek. The best he could come up with for surreptitious video was his cell phone? Regardless of his ineptitude, the way our society (at least for we Americans) is going, Best Buy will settle out of court for millions. That is the true disgrace. Expect to see the woman posing for playboy soon after.

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