back to article MS cursor patch fix pushes into Patch Tuesday litter

Microsoft plans to release five patches on Tuesday as part of its regular Patch Tuesday update cycle. Redmond is also to release a fix to address application conflict problems with last week's "emergency" cursor security update. Four of the new patches, at least one of which is critical, affect Microsoft Windows. Users will …


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  1. M

    C'est La Vie...

    Patch this, patch that, oops! Patch that too....patch this...oops! Patch that in oooh 3 months time me think....

    C'est la Vie....of Computer Engineer!

  2. steve lampros

    you can patch this next . . . .

    ho-hum. M$ at their exceptionally finest. Oh wait, howabout the service pack release for office 2K that they put up on their site for several days, before noticing they put the unencrypted code up? i'll never forget the high-quality keystone coppery of it all.

    whoopsie daisy !

    it's what makes it so much fun to rush right out and download that code . . . .in it you may find the holy grail. yes i mean the actual holy grail. . . . . sweet.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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