back to article Microsoft brings instant messaging to Xbox Live

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live users will soon be able to access Windows Live Messenger. It will be added free through an Xbox 360 Dashboard update enabling Xbox owners will be able to chat with PC users. Instant Messaging on the Xbox The move means the 6m Xbox Live users worldwide will be able to chat with the 260m …


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  1. JP


    With an excuse for a proper keyboard, all MSFT need to do now is to make a copy of Office available for the Xbox and it will have a proprietary PC that plugs into everyone's TV!

    The transition to Apple will be complete. Except that there'll be games for this one.

  2. Chad H.

    Please *dont* give them ideas

    Office on an X-box? Great, now you've gone and said it....

  3. Marc

    Will it support VoIP?

    Would be interesting to know if you'll be able to use the headset/webcams to chat to Windows Live folks, - this feature would be a blow to Google talk and Skype for sure.

    Also what what are going to do about people who have separate Live IDs for their Xbox Live and Windows Live profiles, will we be able to merge them?

  4. Mr D

    Oh Dear.... I have to tell the girlfriend..

    .. She will soon be an Xbox widow. Its been bad enough with my Gears of War addiction but now im just going to be glued to the thing... So many friends and family members have Xbox 360 and live now... Soon it will be time to plug into it for good .... When does the "Better than life" rebrand start ...

    I guess i'd better start drilling the holes....

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My god, that controller is so ugly, and bulky, and... it... I want one.


  6. John

    That's Soooo Cute

    I want one!

    How cute is that little keyboard and while not as usable as a full keyboard, it should be fine for a two thumb affair.

    Although it won't be hard to tell the difference with who is using a 360 and who is using a PC. Hint... Zzzzzzz.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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