back to article US Navy builds Stingray-esque base in Indian Ocean

Reports have emerged that the US Navy is upgrading its submarine base at the isolated tropical atoll Diego Garcia, which is formally British territory. The base improvements will allow its new class of SSGN nuclear submarines to operate from Diego Garcia, which is potentially noteworthy. The tiny island group is situated in the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great - more military co-operation with apocalyptic madmen...

    Isn't this the first *actual* point of collaboration, upon which Iran could realistically claim the UK were a proactive, material ally in any specific planned invasion, by the US? And wouldn't that consequenty make the UK, by necessity, a key target of any long-range strike by Iran?

    Is there a word which summates the kind of outrageous, egregious incompetence in foreign policy which permits such actions?

  2. e

    Land for Subs?

    So you might infer:

    If the SBS are so well regarded, & the US base is on GB 'soil'...

    that an occasional "how bout a lift?" would be reasonable.

    Especially while they're all buddy buddy & after the same baddies.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing To See Here

    Tens of millions of dollars would go towards paving roads, establishing an uncontaminated fresh water supply, and installing permanent pier and wharf facilities for submarines. Basic functional infrastructure improvements.

    That whole "sinking under the ocean" thing may be accomplished by global warming, though! And let me be the first to encourage someone else to make a Thunderbirds association with the feral chickens.

  4. nav

    stolen land

    "Various people in the Indian Ocean area will be viewing the announcement of the Diego Garcia upgrades with interest."

    I would imagine a lot of interest will be shown by the Chagossians whose lands the US now occupy.(

  5. amanfromMars

    Virtualisation ReVisited..... to Pick Up Stragglers Struggling.

    And attached to a relatively normal , ParaNormAIlien mothership? MotherBoard. Universal Canvas upon which to Play the Future and Build IT.

  6. Dillon Pyron

    Diego Garcia as a "desired post"

    For years, posts such as Adak, Thule, Johnson Island and Diego Garcia have been considered by Air Force personnel to be among the lowest places to go. As my father once said after finding out one of his airmen had been transferred to DG, "son, who's punch bowl did you piss in?"

    Oh yeah, B52s and B1Bs have been flying missions out of their for years.

  7. Danny

    ultra vires

    If Diego Garcia is such a punshment-posting, why not punish the Diego Garcians by giving them back their land ? Instead High Court rulings in their favour are overturned 'by royal perogative' for $2billion a year. The new developments are evidence of contempt of court.

    The UK Chagos Support Organisation

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