back to article CCTV nails sheep-shagging Turk

A Turkish citizen faces a fine or possible three years' chokey under German animal protection laws after a farmer's CCTV system caught him indulging in a bit of homo-ovine sexual interaction, Reuters reports. The sheeps' owner "became suspicious" last year and duly rigged the video surveillance set-up. It recorded the unnamed …


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  1. Lloyd


    I understand S4C are trying to buy it for a series of sex education programs they're putting together.

  2. Scott Wichall

    God help the welsh then

    Let's hope no one installs CCTV in the welsh farms then LOL

  3. Derek Evans

    Mistaken Kebab

    I take it that no one explained to him how a kebab was really prepared before cooking. A mistake anyone could make.

  4. Colin Jackson


    So not only sheep shagging, but anal sheep-shagging to boot? Or is it usually done that way?!?

  5. Tom Watson

    Simple two word comment

    You Tube!

  6. Gaz Baaaaaard

    Maaaaavelouse Story

    Hey dont knock it till Ewe try it! As any proud sheep shagging Welsh man will tell Ewe!

    the wonderfull smell and feel of the lanolin rich coat of the sheep is to die for! leaving a rich and naturally greasy feel to ones hands and other places.....

    i should perhaps say that the struggling Beast also adds to the enjoyment of the Hole experience! Tight fitting Wellies are also essential to prevent the wooly wonder wandering off!

    I'm not so sure about S4C but C4 will more than likely go for it!

    Big Brother Me n Ewe!

    Ain't the use of stereo typicals great!!!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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