back to article Cray starts pimping BlueArc's storage Titan

Storage player BlueArc has entered a partnership with supercomputer vendor Cray to resell BlueArc's Titan 2000 network storage systems to high performance computing customers. The reseller relationship was announced Wednesday with their first customer showcase up and humming. The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) of …


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  1. John Fenton


    Anything that makes our warheads safer, stronger and more effective I'm all in favor of, with the huge amount of work coming up to "modernize" our stock of warheads and the design work for the missile tips of the Polaris replacements, good on Cray and co., for doing such a good job!


  2. Phil Bennett

    Just what I always wanted!

    Wow, an advanced weapons research lab computer system thats still experimental - thats just what I want my tax money to fund. Hell, I'd rather they spent the money providing coke to journos - at least the news would be more interesting. Saying that, journos seem to do alright themselves...

  3. John Stirling


    Why would journalists want half burnt coal? Are they all cold?

  4. amanfromMars

    Be Careful..... what you wish for......for you can always get IT.

    "an advanced weapons research lab computer system thats still experimental -"


    That would be one of those S.M.A.R.Ter AI Labs 42 BetaTest NEUKlearer Systems. All a bit hush hush at the Moment....Need to Know and all that Cloak and Dagger stuff/baggage...... but you will be Heartened to know that IT is the Private Sector in Control of IT so you'll know that IT is Real and not just pharmed out to give the Public Sector something to do..... except Pay to Play for IT, of course.

  5. Clay Garland

    Intel vPro

    If we do not get rid of those vPro adds that eat your mouse cursor and bring my machine to a crawl, I'm going to get involved in some Blue on Blue hate crime.

  6. Matt Kemp

    Re: Just what I always wanted!

    "Wow, an advanced weapons research lab computer system thats still experimental..."

    It's in no way experimental by the looks of it. It's just Cray and BlueArc decided to create a partnership since their products were used together sucessfully.

    All it's doing is connecting up a really fast PC to a really big hard drive, anyway.

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